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State Of California Hiring Process

The State Of California Hiring Process

The State hiring process can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to enter the California State Civil Service for the first time. The following is a brief overview of what an applicant can expect in the State's hiring process. The CA Job Blog also has a much more detailed and in-depth guide to getting a job with the State Of California and someone is always available to contact with any questions.

STEP #1: Setting Up Your CalCareer Account

To get started, follow these 3 simple steps to create and set up your profile:
Visit This is also known as the CalCareers site.

Click on “Create Account” and sign up.

Once you have signed up, sign in and set up your profile by completing the “My Application” section. We've got a Step By Step guide for creating a CalCareer account. By completing this section, you are setting up your State Application. This is the application you’ll use to apply for all State jobs. Take your time a…

Sites to Know for California State Job Seekers

The information you need for your State of California job search is out there. It's just hard to find a lot of the time. The California Job Blog is here to help by organizing the information you need and presenting it in simple way.

While the State is (slowly) modernizing its hiring and recruitment systems, job-seekers often complain to us that the information and resources they need are hard to find or scattered across multiple sites. We've compiled what we feel are the most important when navigating the State's hiring process and tried our best to explain what their purpose is.

The Most Important Sites in The State of California Hiring Process:CalCareers. This is the main hub for most State of California employment information. On the CalCareer site you can do a ton of things including finding the jobs and online exams that you can apply for.

State of California employers are required to accept applications electronically or in paper form. From CalCareers, the individu…