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Online Exams for State of California Jobs

The following State of California exams are available to take online. From the CalCareers homepage, click Exam/Assessment Search . Exams are available to take 24 hours a day and test-takers will get their scores instantly when they finish the exam. To take California State employment exams online, candidates will need to have created a CalCareer account and be logged in. Results are uploaded and saved in your CalCareer account within a few days of taking the exam. A Accountant 1 (Specialist) Accountant Trainee Accounting Officer (Specialist) Accounting Officer (Supervisor) Accounting Technician Administrative Law Judge 1, 3 Air Pollution Specialist Air Quality Engineer 1, 2 Air Resources Engineer Assistant Property Appraiser (Series) Assistant Property Auditor Appraiser (Series) Assistant Telecommunications Engineer (Series) Associate Architect Associate Budget Analyst Associate Environmental Planner Associate Governmental Program Analyst Associate Oil and Gas En

Welcome to the California Job Blog!

Welcome! We can assume that you've landed here because you're interested in working for the State of California. If that's the case, then you're in the right place. The California Job Blog was started in early 2018 by Jay Davis . Jay has been a State of California employee for 8 years, 7 of which have been spent in human resources as a specialist in hiring and recruiting. Among Jay's specialties is helping people navigate the State's hiring process. After years of working to hire great people for State jobs, two things became very clear. One, the State's hiring process can be very confusing and two, the resources people need to make it less confusing are very hard to find. He started this blog to help fix those problems. Here you'll find the information and resources needed to be competitive and successful as you search for employment with the State. We hope to provide answers to the most common questions asked by job-seekers, as well as insight i

Merit-Based Hiring

What is Merit-Based Hiring? The State of California hiring process , like for most government jobs, is merit-based . A merit-based system means that all hires and promotions are based on an individual’s qualifications for a position. A hiring system based on merit ensures that vacancies are filled by applicants with the knowledge, skills and ability that are most likely to lead to success in the position. A hiring system based on merit takes nepotism and discrimination out of the process and prevents hiring managers from making appointments based on arbitrary factors not related to a person’s ability. The State of California uses several tools to ascertain a candidate’s merit. The most important of these tools is a competitive examination, specific to the classification. The examination can take many forms (written, oral, etc.) but its sole purpose is to measure a test-taker’s knowledge, skills and ability as it relates to a specific job. For a lot of jobseekers, it's the e

State of California Jobs by Occupational Class

The State of California classifies jobs by the following occupational categories. This article lists the occupational classes along with the 3 most common jobs in each group. The number in the parentheses after each category and job title is the current number of advertised vacancies, as of April 8, 2019. State of California job-seekers can search by occupational category from the CalCareers website. Click on Advanced Job Search then select the group from the Job Categories drop-down menu. The categories listed below are the Job Categories applicants are able to search by. When you search by Job Category you will see the vacancies that are currently being advertised and open for State Application (STD 678) submissions. When you use this type of search, you will see vacancies for numerous but related job classifications. Some occupational categories have only a few classifications, and some have dozens. The number of advertised vacancies is constantly changing. Everyda