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Bereavement Leave for State of California Employees

Those working for the State know that the paid leave is one of the great benefits of the job. This article looks at one of the types of paid leave State of California employees are entitled to. What is Bereavement Leave Bereavement leave is a special type of job-protected time off following the death of a qualified family member. This can be a family member related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Bereavement leave can also be taken for anyone living in your immediate household, whether they are related or not. We'll go into more detail about who is considered a qualified family member later in this article. State of California Bereavement Leave Beginning January 1, 2023 there were some changes to bereavement leave for State of California employees. That updated policy can be found here . All employees in California, not just those that work for the State, can take up to five days of leave following the death of a covered family member. This means that an employer cannot de