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State of California Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs

In California civil service, one of the most in-demand jobs is that of Registered Nurse (RN). This article will examine the hiring process and how to get a job as an RN with the State of California. We will look at which departments are hiring, the salary and qualifications and how to make yourself a competitive candidate for these positions. The Registered Nurse Hiring Process RN Exam Like all classifications with the State, the RN hiring process begins with an exam. You can complete the Registered Nurse exam online. After you take and pass the exam, you will have eligibility. Having eligibility means you are placed on a list with all other candidates that were successful in the assessment. One of the more confusing parts of getting a Registered Nurse job with the State of California is that there are 3 separate sub-classifications. If you search for Registered Nurse positions on CalCareers, you will see results with 3 variations: Registered Nurse (Correctional Facility)

State of California Jobs; Pre-Employment Clearances

One of the steps in the State of California’s hiring process is pre-employment clearances. These clearances are part the selection process, which is the process by which hiring departments determine who the most qualified candidate for a position is. Departments select the most qualified candidate based on an application and an interview , at a minimum. The selection process may also include any or all the following: resume, cover letter, reference checks or statement of qualifications . Pre-employment clearances are the final step in the hiring process and are usually completed after a candidate has already been chosen for a position. Generally, the manager that is hiring you will call with a “conditional” offer of employment. The offer is conditional, because it is contingent upon successfully completing the clearances listed below. When a manager calls with a conditional offer, they are also confirming that you are still interested in the position. If you are, they wil