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Quick Start Guide to State of California Jobs

In this article you will find a quick start guide for getting a job with the State of California. Getting a State of California job can be a complicated process but the California Job Blog has the information you need to get started. We have more in-depth articles on each of these topics and we hope you'll check them out. We think working for the State of California is great, and our goal is to help others find their dream job. Quick Guide to Getting a State of California Job 1) Set Up Your CalCareers Account CalCareers ( is where your job search should begin. CalCareers is the State of California's site for everything job related. Here you'll find job postings and exam bulletins, info about State of California employee benefits and much more. To be able to apply for the jobs you find on CalCareers, you need to have an account. We recommend creating your CalCareer account as the first step in your job search. 2) Build Your Job Application After your