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State of California Bargaining Units

Below you will find tables for the 21 State of California bargaining units. For each bargaining unit there are examples of some of its most common classifications. Please keep in mind that managerial and supervisory positions are not represented by collective bargaining and won't be listed here.

Bargaining Unit 1Bargaining Unit NameProfessional, Administrative,
Financial, and Staff ServicesRepresenting OrganizationSEIU 1000Common ClassificationsStaff Services Analyst, Associate Governmental
Program Analyst
, Information Technology SpecialistContractBU 1 Contract (Tentative)
Bargaining Unit 2Bargaining Unit NameAttorneys and Hearing OfficersRepresenting OrganizationCalifornia Attorney, Administrative Law
Judges, and Hearing Officers in State
Employment (CASE)Common ClassificationsAttorney, Legal Analyst, Attorney GeneralContractBU 2 Contract (Tentative)
Bargaining Unit 3Bargaining Unit NameProfessional Educators and LibrariansRepresenting OrganizationSEIU 1000Common ClassificationsLib…