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How Much Is a Billion Dollars?

For almost everyone in the world, $1,000,000,000 is a lot of money. But when we're talking about government spending in economies as large as California and the United States, a billion dollars doesn't seem like that much money. Let's compare what this much money looks like in various contexts: Amount of revenue generated by, Inc. every 2 days. The Gross Domestic Product of American-Samoa during 2016. If you invested $1,000,000,000 in the stock market on January 1, 1970 your investment would now be worth about $122,300,000,000. Amount of money spent by the US Federal government every 9.6 hours for Social Security benefits. The Gross Domestic Product generated each day by the State of Indiana in 2016. $1,000,000,000 in July of 1998 is the equivalent of $1,544,154,000 in August 2018. The amount of money spent each day by the US Federal government on social safety net and low-income programs like SNAP (Food Stamps), the Earned Income Tax Cred

2019 State of California Pay Days

The following table lists the pay days for State of California Employees that are paid monthly : The following table lists the pay days for State of California Employees that are paid bi-monthly : Thanks for reading! Related Articles: 2019 CalPERS Paydays 2019 State of California Paid Holidays 2020 State of California Pay Days

State of California Veterans' Preference

What is Veterans' Preference Veterans' Preference for California State jobs provide an advantage to eligible veterans in the hiring process. Veterans who take and pass an exam will automatically get placed in the top rank. It doesn’t apply to every exam in California state service, however, and is only applied to exams that are considered entry-level. It would apply to the Staff Services Analyst (SSA) classification, for example, but not for Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) . The SSA class is considered the entry class for analytical jobs and Veterans' Preference can be applied. Applicants should check the exam posting and or bulletin for each classification. It will clearly state whether Veterans’ Preference can be used for the exam. Veterans should still take all exams they're interested in, but be aware that you may not receive preference points for all of them. So, how is this an advantage for veterans? For most classifications in state civil

How to Get A State of California Job: Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does the State of California’s hiring process include? The hiring process for the State of California consists of 2 broad and distinct parts. The first is the examination phase. In this phase, applicants must take and pass an assessment. After being successful in an examination, applicants have civil service eligibility for a specific classification and can start applying for vacancies. Step #1 obtain eligibility for a classification through an examination. #2 apply for vacancies in that classification. 2) Where do I find available jobs with the State of California? Any time a new job in the State of California opens up, it is posted on the CalCareer website, . Open examinations are also posted here. The California Job Blog has articles to help people best utilize the CalCareers site, as well as better understand the State's hiring process. 3) How do I apply? To apply, you’ll need to submit a State of California application (STD 678) . First, locate