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Overview of The State of California Exam Process

The State of California, like other government jobs, uses a merit-based system for hiring. This means that applicants must begin the process of getting a job by proving they are among the most qualified candidates. Every applicant for a specific State of California classification takes the exact same exam. They answer the same questions, in the same format in the same setting. This ensures that the people who are the most qualified are the ones most likely to get the job. Working in a hiring department for the State of California, one of the complaints we hear most often is, "Why is the State's hiring process so confusing?" It's a great question. There are thousands of open State jobs, but it can seem time-consuming and complicated to get hired. The part of the hiring process that seems to cause the most confusion and difficulty for jobseekers is often the exam portion. The California Job Blog is here to help with this article. The State of California Exam Pro