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State of California Jobs by County

One of the awesome reasons people are attracted to State jobs is because they can be found wherever people live in California. There are 58 counties in California, and they all have great positions that are available right now. Job-seekers can use the CalCareers website to do a geographical job search to find jobs near their home.

Geographical California State Job Search: From the CalCareers website, which the main hub from which you should begin your job search, click on Advanced Job Search.

From there, click on the Location drop down option.

Now you'll see a list of options to choose from. You will see each California county listed.

You'll see there are other geographic search options, also. These include California, which will give you a list of all jobs in the State. You will also see United States listed, because there are sometimes job openings outside of the State.

The places you will sometimes see California jobs in other states include Cook County (Chicago, Illinois),…

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