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Student Loan Forgiveness

Among the many great reasons to work for the State of California is student loan forgiveness. Although the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) isn’t a program unique to or administered by the State of California, its employees are entitled to the benefits. Who is eligible? The PSLF is a program offered through the United States Department of Education and has been around since 2007. Through the program, employees of Federal, State and Local governments can have the remainder of their qualifying student loan debt forgiven after they’ve made a minimum number of monthly payments. This benefit can be worth thousands of dollars but is often overlooked by job-seekers and current California state employees. People deciding whether to enter public service should also factor student loan forgiveness in when comparing the benefits offered by potential employers. In addition to those working in public service, certain employees of not-for-profit organizations are eligible for t

State of California Retired Annuitants

Working after Retirement We already know that one of the best reasons to work for the State of California is the retirement benefits. But what happens if you retire and decide you want to work more? Maybe you want extra money to save for a vacation. Or maybe you just get bored being at home all day. If you do decide to go back to work, you have a few options. You can go work for a private company and work and make as much money as you want without it affecting your retirement benefits. You can also work for public agencies in California that aren’t covered by CalPERS . A lot of cities, counties and school districts that, although not state employment, participate in CalPERS. It is not possible to work full-time for the State of California or for a CalPERS participating agency unless you reinstate from retirement. Reinstating from CalPERS retirement will affect your retirement benefits. Another option is to return to State employment as a Retired Annuitant (RA). RAs are