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COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Things are strange for State of California employees right now. Many of us are working from and almost all of us are facing a pay decrease that might last for two years. Here you'll find some information on what is going on and how if affects us as state employees. Stay strong and safe! Resources, updates and information for State of California Employees Employee Assistance Program The first thing we want make sure all state employees are aware of is our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Hopefully all of your departments are giving you plenty of info on this valuable benefit, but if not, here is a quick summary. All State employees and their eligible dependents have access to EAP. Whether you're feeling anxious about the pandemic or you're facing a financial difficulty, EAP can connect you with the counselors or resources to help you better manage. Their website has a lot of great video and articles, too. You can find more information at: .