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How To Ace A State of California Job Interview

So, you've found your perfect State of California job. You meet the minimum qualifications, you've submitted a great application and you've been invited for an interview. Now what? The interview is the final step in the hiring process , and the last hurdle to landing a great job. Taking some time prepare can go a long way in improving your odds of getting the job. State of California Job Interviews All jobs you apply for should have a duty statement attached to the job posting. If there isn't one, you can request it from the department advertising the job. Read the duty statement and identify how you've completed these tasks in the past. The questions in the interview will be directly related to the type of work described in the duty statement. Remember to think broadly about when you've done the type of work listed. It can be from school and volunteer work as well as regular employment. Provide a resume to each of the panel members. The people conducting