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The 10 Most Common Jobs With The State Of California

Updated September 10, 2022 Have you ever wondered what the most common and popular jobs are with the State of California? This article takes looks at the 10 most common jobs you'll find available with the State. For jobs with the State of California, certain classifications are much more abundant than others. This list highlights the classifications that have the greatest number of advertised vacancies at the time of this writing. Although the advertising and filling of vacancies is constantly changing, the classifications you'll find listed here are consistently the most numerous in California State-service. For jobseekers looking to find employment, taking exams and applying for vacancies in the most common classifications is a good way to improve the odds of getting a job. This is especially true for people looking to enter State employment for the first time. At the time of this posting there was 4,858 job openings with the state of California. Those job openings ar

2019 State Of California Paid Holidays

In 2019, Employees with the State Of California are entitled to the following paid holidays: New Year's Day (Tuesday, January 1) Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, January 21) President's Day (Monday, February 18) Cesar Chavez Day (Monday, April 1) Memorial Day (Monday, May 27) Independence Day (Thursday, July 4) Labor Day (Monday, September 2) Veteran's Day (Monday, November 11) Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 28) Day After Thanksgiving Day (Friday, November 29) Christmas Day (Wednesday, December 25) Notes On Holidays: New Year’s Day – January 1 Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 3rd Monday in January President's Day – 3rd Monday In February Cesar Chavez Day – March 31 Memorial Day – The last Monday in May Independence Day – July 4 Labor Day – First Monday in September Veterans Day – November 11 Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday in November Day After Thanksgiving – The Friday after Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day – Dec

How to Get State of California AGPA Jobs

Use A CalCareer Account As with all jobs with the State of California, we recommend starting the application process by creating your CalCareer account and building a template of your State Job Application (STD 678) . Get those 2 steps completed first, and then you'll be well on your way. It'll make things a lot easier and set you up to easily submit your application in bulk. Take the AGPA Exam Check the Minimum Qualifications (MQs) for the AGPA classification here . You must meet the MQs to take the exam. Before you take the exam, you will have to certify that you have the necessary work experience, education or combination thereof, prior to being allowed to take the assessment. After you've made sure you're qualified, take the AGPA exam online. It is a sell-assessment and should take about an hour. You will be asked questions about specific "tasks" as they relate to the class specifications. Your answers will be about your experience comple

The State Of California Job Application (STD 678)

How to Apply for California State Jobs The standard state employment form (STD 678) can be selected manually here . You can download and edit it in a PDF format. You can also download, print it and fill it out by hand. However, the California Job Blog recommends job-seekers take full advantage of the State jobs website and create a personal CalCareer account . We recommend that you create an account and generate your application electronically. Then you will be able to manage, submit, and track job applications seamlessly. If you are actively looking for a job with the State of California, you'll be submitting a lot of applications and doing them all by hand is inefficient. If you need more convincing of the benefits, read more about Your CalCareer Account here. The State Application is the same when applying for exams or vacancies. Applicants should indicate on their application which they are applying for. The application is a legal document so take it seriously and f

How To Get A Job With CalPERS

Of all the departments in the State of California, the one with perhaps the highest demand is the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS). For a typical job posting, CalPERS will often receive twice as many applications as another department would for the same classification. That means the competition is strong, and candidates will need to "up their game" to get the job. This article will help candidates get started looking for a job with CalPERS and provide some information on gaining a competitive advantage in the selection process. 1) As with any State of California job, candidates should start by taking an exam. The exam gets you the eligibility you need before you can start to submit your application for open positions. From your CalCareer account, on the front page, you can click on Exam/Assessment Search . From there, select Public Employees Retirement System from the Department box. That is the full, official name for CalPERS. Searching for Ca

The State Of California Hiring Process: Frequently Asked Questions

The State's Hiring Process FAQs 1) How do I locate job openings with the State of California? is the place to start your job search. Log in to your CalCareers account, and from the front page of the site, you can search for openings by job title or keyword. The search engine can be a little wonky, so try clicking on Advanced Job Search and select the exact classification you are looking for. If you are interested in exploring potential opportunities for a specific department, or in a specific location, you can do this from the Advanced Job Search section as well. It's great to use the site to explore the opportunities the State of California has to offer. But remember, you can only apply for vacancies you have eligibility for. If you need to take an exam, click on the Exam/Assessment Search button below the main search field. Through your CalCareers account you may also print your application and submit it to the address indicated on the Job Bulletin

Conditions Of Employment

The Conditions of Employment (COE) are the criteria that you, as an applicant, set for each eligibility record you have. An eligibility record is the documentation that you have taken and passed an exam. You must take an exam for each classification you'd like to apply for jobs in and each exam has its own eligibility record. For each eligibility record you have, there are a set of Conditions of Employment that you must manage. To manage your Conditions of Employment, sign in to your CalCareer Account . From the left side menu, select Exam/Assessment Records , then the Active Eligibility tab. Here you'll see a list of all the exams you've successfully taken. These are your eligibility records. Again, an Eligibility Record is the is the documentation that you've successfully passed an exam for a given classification. Find the Exam Record you want to manage the COE for and click on the blue List Code in the left-hand column. Click the Conditions of Employment tab