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Statement Of Qualifications

If you’ve been applying for jobs with the State of California, you’ve probably seen job postings requiring a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). An SOQ is a way for hiring departments to apply Screening Criteria to help them select the most qualified candidate (or candidates) for a position. Hiring departments requiring a Statement of Qualifications as part of an application package is becoming more common. What was once reserved for higher level and managerial positions, SOQs are now being required for lower and even entry-level classifications. While it’s true that they can be a lot of work, they don’t have to be mysterious or complicated. This article will help to explain what they are, what their purpose is and, most importantly, how to write one that is awesome. A Statement of Qualifications can be required for any vacancy. They can also be required for Career Executive Assignments or Exams. Our best advice is to approach the SOQ as a way to get invited for an interview . A g

State Of California Employee Benefits

There are a lot of great reasons to get a job with the State of California . The #1 reason is probably the benefits you'll receive. Here you'll find some great information about those benefits. After you read about why you should look for a State job, get started on your job search with our Complete Guide To Getting a Job With The State Of California and as always, feel free to contact the California Job Blog if you have any questions. State of California Health Benefits Medical Insurance - The State offers its employees a wide variety of health insurance options including Kaiser, United, Anthem, and Blue Shield/Blue Cross. For most plans, the State pays most of the premium for employees and their dependents. Medical Insurance is administered by CalPERS . Life Insurance - An employer-paid Basic Group Term Life Insurance Plan available to supervisory, confidential and managerial employees. Employees designated supervisory and confidential have $25,000 of basic insura

Facts And Figures

Some Noteworthy Facts About State of California Jobs Number of Full-Time Employees: 209,159 Number of Part Time Employees: 2,296 Total Number of Active Employees: 232,998 County with Most Jobs: Sacramento (76,707) County with 2nd Most Jobs: Los Angeles (20,261) County with 3rd Most Jobs: San Bernardino (10,530) Department with the Most Employees: CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (62,207; about 27% of all State Employees). Most Common Civil Service Classification: Associate Governmental Program Analyst Percentage of State Employees that are military Veterans: 5.7% Gross Amount Earned by State Employees Each Month: Almost $2,000,000,000 Thanks for reading! Related Articles: How Much Is a Billion Dollars State of California Typing Test The Best Plants for Your Office