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2022 Fantasy Football Top 100 Player Rankings

Welcome to the California Job Blog's first, annual fantasy football player rankings! You may be asking yourself what fantasy football has to do with state of California jobs. If you are, the answer is "almost nothing." But we think it's fun. And, we've spent the last couple of years playing with coworkers while out of the office. It was a great way to keep in touch with office friends during the COVID era, and we thought some readers might enjoy it, too. So, whether you're a seasoned fantasy-pro or thinking about playing for the first time, this list should help you build a solid team. If you don't play already, think about starting a league with those co-workers you haven't gotten to interact with over the last couple of years. 2022 Fantasy Football Top #100 Players Rank Name Team Pos 1 Jonathan Taylor RB IND 2 Christian McCaffrey RB CAR 3 Austin Ekeler RB