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Facts And Figures

Some Noteworthy Facts About State of California Jobs

  • Number of Full-Time Employees: 209,159
  • Number of Part Time Employees: 2,296
  • Total Number of Active Employees: 232,998
  • County with Most Jobs: Sacramento (76,707)
  • County with 2nd Most Jobs: Los Angeles (20,261)
  • County with 3rd Most Jobs: San Bernardino (10,530)
  • Department with the Most Employees: CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (62,207; about 27% of all State Employees).
  • Most Common Civil Service Classification: Associate Governmental Program Analyst
  • Percentage of State Employees that are military Veterans: 5.7%
  • Gross Amount Earned by State Employees Each Month: Almost $2,000,000,000

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