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Online Exams for State of California Jobs

The following State of California exams are available to take online. From the CalCareers homepage, click Exam/Assessment Search. Exams are available to take 24 hours a day and test-takers will get their scores instantly when they finish the exam.

To take California State employment exams online, candidates will need to have created a CalCareer account and be logged in. Results are uploaded and saved in your CalCareer account within a few days of taking the exam.


Accountant 1 (Specialist)
Accountant Trainee
Accounting Officer (Specialist)
Accounting Officer (Supervisor)
Accounting Technician
Administrative Law Judge 1, 3
Air Pollution Specialist
Air Quality Engineer 1, 2
Air Resources Engineer
Assistant Property Appraiser (Series)
Assistant Property Auditor Appraiser (Series)
Assistant Telecommunications Engineer (Series)
Associate Architect
Associate Budget Analyst
Associate Environmental Planner
Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Associate Oil and Gas Engineer
Associate Property Appraiser (Series)
Associate Property Auditor Appraiser (Series)
Associate Telecommunications Engineer (Series)
Attorney 3, 4, 5
Auditor 1


Business Services Officer 1, 2 (Specialist)
Business Services Officer 1, 2 (Supervisor)
Business Services Officer 3
Business Taxes Representative


CalTrans Equipment Operator 1, 2
CalTrans Heavy Equipment Mechanic
CalTrans Highway Maintenance Manager 1, 2
Carpenter 2
Carpenter Supervisor
Compliance Representative, Franchise Tax Board
Correctional Sergeant


Deputy Attorney General 3
Disability Insurance Program Representative
District Sales Representative (Series)
District Sales Supervisor (Series)
District Structural Engineer


Electrician 2
Electrician Supervisor
Employment Program Representative (Series)
Engineer, Department of Water Resources
Engineering Geologist, Department of Toxic Substances Control
Engineering Geologist, Department of Water Resources
Environmental Planner
Environmental Planner (Archaeology)
Environmental Planner (Architectural History)
Environmental Planner (Natural Sciences)
Environmental Program Manager 1 (Specialist)
Environmental Program Manager 1 (Supervisor)
Environmental Program Manager 2 (Supervisor)
Environmental Scientist
Equipment Materiel Specialist
Executive Secretary 2


Fire & Life Safety Officer, Division of State Architect
Fire Apparatus Engineer
Fire Captain (Paramedic) (Series)
Fire Captain (Series)


Health Facilities Evaluator Nurse
Housing & Community Development Representative 1, 2 (Series)


Information Technology Associate
Information Technology Manager 1, 2
Information Technology Specialist 1, 2, 3
Information Technology Specialist 1, 2, 3 (Legislative Counsel)
Information Technology 1, 2
Information Technology Technician
Insurance Examiner
Investment Officer 1, 2, 3 (Series)


Junior Property Appraiser


Key Accounts Manager, California State Lottery
Key Accounts Specialist, California State Lottery


Labor Relations Analyst
Labor Relations Manager 1, 2 (Series)
Labor Relations Specialist
Landscape Associate
Legal Assistant
Legal Support Supervisor 1, 2
Licensing Program Analyst
Licensing Program Manager 1, 2
Lottery Manager
Lottery Ticket Sales Senior Specialist
Lottery Ticket Sales Specialist
Lottery Ticket Sales Supervisor


Management Services Technician
Manager 2, 3 (Department of Motor Vehicles) (Series)
Marketing Analyst 1, 2 (Series)
Marketing Specialist (Series)


Personnel Specialist
Personnel Supervisor 1, 2
Personnel Technician 1
Personnel Technician 2 (Specialist)
Personnel Technician 2 (Supervisor)
Physician and Surgeon
Principle Transportation Engineer, CalTrans
Program Manager 1, 2 (Series)
Program Representative 1 (Series)
Program Representative 2, 3 (Specialist) (Series)
Program Representative 3 (Supervisor) (Series)


Registered Nurse
Research Analyst 1, 2 (Geographic Information Systems)
Research Data Analyst 1, 2
Research Data Manager
Research Data Specialist 1, 2, 3
Research Data Supervisor 1, 2
Research Program Specialist 1, 2, 3 (Geographic Information Systems)
Right of Way Agent, CalTrans
Route Sales Representative


Senior Accounting Officer (Specialist)
Senior Accounting Officer (Supervisor)
Senior Air Quality Engineer (Supervisor)
Senior Architect
Senior Engineering Geologist
Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Senior Hazardous Substances Engineer
Senior Marketing Specialist (Series)
Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Specialist)
Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (Supervisor)
Senior Personnel Specialist
Senior Structural Engineer
Senior Telecommunications Engineer (Series)
Senior Telecommunications Technician (Series)
Senior Transportation Engineer, CalTrans
Senior Transportation Engineer, High Speed Rail Authority
Senior Vocational Rehabilitation
Supervising Air Quality Engineer
Supervising Engineering Geologist
Supervising Hazardous Substance Engineer 1, 2
Supervising Program Technician 1, 2, 3
Supervising Program Technician 1, 2, 3
Supervising Telecommunications Engineer (Series)
Supervising Transportation Engineer
Supervising Transportation Planner
Support Services Assistant


Tax Auditor (Board of Equalization)
Tax Auditor (Franchise Tax Board)
Tax Compliance Representative (Series)
Tax Technician 1 (Board of Equalization)
Telecommunication Technician Trainee
Telecommunications Maintenance Supervisor 1, 2, 3
Telecommunications Systems Analyst 1, 2 (Series)
Telecommunications Systems Manager 1 (Specialist)
Telecommunications Systems Manager 1, 2 (Supervisory) (Series)
Telecommunications Technician
Transportation Engineer (Civil)
Transportation Engineer (Electrical)
Transportation Planner
Transportation Surveyor
Tree Maintenance Worker


Warehouse Worker

After You've Taken the Exam:

Once you've passed an exam, you are eligible for that classification. The next step is to look for vacancies and submit your State Application (STD 678) for available positions. Remember, the State's hiring process is 2 parts. The first is the exam phase and the second is the selection phase.

Thanks for reading!

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