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State of California Jobs by County

One of the awesome reasons people are attracted to State jobs is because they can be found wherever people live in California. There are 58 counties in California, and they all have great positions that are available right now. Job-seekers can use the CalCareers website to do a geographical job search to find jobs near their home.

Geographical California State Job Search

From the CalCareers website, which is the main hub from which you should begin your job search, click on Advanced Job Search.

Image of Advanced Job Search Button on CalCareers

From there, click on the Location drop down option.

Image of Location Drop Down menu on CalCareers

Now you'll see a list of options to choose from. You will see each California county listed.

Image of Counties drop now menu in location search on CalCareers

You'll see there are other geographic search options, also. These include California, which will give you a list of all the jobs in the State. You will also see United States listed, because there are sometimes job openings outside of the State.

The places you will sometimes see California jobs in other states include Cook County (Chicago, Illinois), Harris County (Houston, Texas) and New York County (New York, New York). Jobs in these counties outside of California do come up occasionally.

If you search by county, you'll see a list of all the job openings in that county, regardless of classification.

Start with a Classification and Narrow by County

If you'd rather, you can start by searching for the classification you are interested in and narrow it down by county. We'll use Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) for this example, because it is the most common classification in California State service.

Start your job search the same way as we did for a geographical job search. From click on Advanced Job Search. But, instead of selecting a county from the Location drop down menu, you're going to select a classification from the Classification menu.

Image of Classification search menu on CalCareers

We've selected our classification and now we scroll to the bottom of the page and click Search Jobs. We'll then see a page of all the Associate Governmental Program Analyst jobs available in California.

Image of refining location job search by Classification

Now we want to narrow the jobs by a county.

Image of refined job search.  Location then by Classification

Back at the top of the page, you'll see options to Refine Current Results. In this section, click the Location drop down and select the county you're interested in working. We've used Riverside County for this example.

Down and to the right you'll see an Update Results button. Click on this, and your search results will now be refined to AGPA job openings in Riverside County.

Another Way to Search by Location

From the main CalCareers page click the Geographic Job Search button next to the Advanced Job Search button.

Image of Geographic Job Search button on CalCareers

You will get a list of all the currently advertised State jobs broken down by county. It looks like this:

Image of results after click Geographic job search button

From here you can select the location you're looking to work. You can then follow the previous directions on how to narrow it down further.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have a CalCareer account (you should have a CalCareer account!) you can save your customized search. Click Save Search at the top left of the screen, and easily execute it again whenever you are logged into your account. In addition to being able to save your customized search, you can register to be notified each time a position matching your criteria is posted. You can make your saved job searches or alerts to be as specific or broad as you'd like.

Image of a refined state of California job search

California Counties with the Most State Jobs

  1. Sacramento
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Kern
  4. Fresno
  5. San Bernardino

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