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State of California Bargaining Units

Below you will find tables for the 21 State of California bargaining units. For each bargaining unit there are examples of some of its most common classifications. Please keep in mind that managerial and supervisory positions are not represented by collective bargaining and won't be listed here.

Bargaining Unit 1
Bargaining Unit NameProfessional, Administrative,
Financial, and Staff Services
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsStaff Services Analyst, Associate Governmental
Program Analyst
, Information Technology Specialist
ContractBU 1 Contract

Bargaining Unit 2
Bargaining Unit NameAttorneys and Hearing Officers
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Attorney, Administrative Law
Judges, and Hearing Officers in State
Employment (CASE)
Common ClassificationsAttorney, Legal Analyst, Attorney General
ContractBU 2 Contract

Bargaining Unit 3
Bargaining Unit NameProfessional Educators and Librarians
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsLibrarian, Teacher, School Psychologist
ContractBU 3 Contract

Bargaining Unit 4
Bargaining Unit NameOffice and Allied
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsOffice Technician, Motor
Vehicle Representative, Program Technician
ContractBU 4 Contract

Bargaining Unit 5
Bargaining Unit NameHighway Patrol
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Associate of Highway Patrolmen (CAHP)
Common ClassificationsHighway Patrol Officer
ContractBU 5 Contract

Bargaining Unit 6
Bargaining Unit NameCorrections
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Correctional Peace Officers Association
Common ClassificationsParole Agent, Correctional Officer, Correctional
ContractBU 6 Contract

Bargaining Unit 7
Bargaining Unit NameProtective Services and
Public Safety
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Statewide Law
Enforcement Association (CSLEA)
Common ClassificationsInvestigator, Peace
Officer, Investigation
ContractBU 7 Contract

Bargaining Unit 8
Bargaining Unit NameFirefighters
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Department of
Forestry and Fire Protection Firefighters
Common ClassificationsFire Fighter, Battalion Chief, Fire Captain
ContractBU 8 Contract

Bargaining Unit 9
Bargaining Unit NameProfessional Engineers
Representing OrganizationProfessional Engineers in
California Government
Common ClassificationsTransportation Engineer,
Water Resource Control Engineer, Air
Pollution Specialist
ContractBU 9 Contract

Bargaining Unit 10
Bargaining Unit NameProfessional Scientific
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS)
Common ClassificationsEnvironmental Scientist, Seed Botanist, Toxicologist
ContractBU 10 Contract

Bargaining Unit 11
Bargaining Unit NameEngineering and Scientific Technicians
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsLaboratory Assistant, Fish
and Wildlife Scientific Aid,
Structural Design Technician
ContractBU 11 Contract

Bargaining Unit 12
Bargaining Unit NameCraft and Maintenance
Representing OrganizationInternational Union of
Operating Engineers (IUOE)
Common ClassificationsCaltrans Equipment
Operator, Highway Maintenance
Worker, Maintenance
ContractBU 12 Contract

Bargaining Unit 13
Bargaining Unit NameStationary Engineers
Representing OrganizationInternational Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
Common ClassificationsStationary Engineer
ContractBU 13 Contract

Bargaining Unit 14
Bargaining Unit NamePrinting and Allied Trades
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsBookbinder, Digital Print Operator, Exhibit Technician
ContractBU 14 Contract

Bargaining Unit 15
Bargaining Unit NameAllied Services
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsSupervising Cook, Custodian, Food Service Technician
ContractBU 15 Contract

Bargaining Unit 16
Bargaining Unit NamePhysicians, Dentists, and Podiatrists
Representing OrganizationUnion of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD)
Common ClassificationsMedical Consultant, Physician and Surgeon, Psychiatrist
ContractBU 16 Contract

Bargaining Unit 17
Bargaining Unit NameRegistered Nurses
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsRegistered Nurse, Nurse Instructor, Nurse Practitioner
ContractBU 17 Contract

Bargaining Unit 18
Bargaining Unit NamePsychiatric Technicians
Representing OrganizationCalifornia Association of Psychiatric Technicians (CAPT)
Common ClassificationsPsychiatric Technician, Psychiatric Technician Assistant,
Senior Psychiatric Technician
ContractBU 18 Contract

Bargaining Unit 19
Bargaining Unit NameHealth and Social Services/Professional
Representing OrganizationAmerican Federation of
State, County,
and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
Common ClassificationsClinical Social Worker, Psychologist, Recreation Therapist
ContractBU 19 Contract

Bargaining Unit 20
Bargaining Unit NameMedical and Social
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsCertified Nursing Assistant,
Licensed Vocational
Nurse, Medical Assistant
ContractBU 20 Contract

Bargaining Unit 21
Bargaining Unit NameEducational Consultants
and Library
Representing OrganizationSEIU 1000
Common ClassificationsTransportation
Programs Consultant, Agricultural
Education Consultant,
ContractBU 21 Contract

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