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How To Create a CalCareer Account

The following steps will guide you through how to create your CalCareers account. Creating this account is the first and most important step in your search for a career with the State of California. You'll use it to perfect your application, take exams and apply for open positions. This account is also the portal potential employers will use to contact you. Get this part of the hiring process taken care of and you'll be on your way to finding an amazing job.

Creating a CalCareers Account

Image of the URL (CalCareers)

1) Start at This site is also known as the CalCareers site and it's the main hub for your State of California job search.

Image of the CalCareers Create Account/Log In Button

2) In the top right corner, you'll see a button for Create Account/Log In. Click here.

Image of the create a CalCareer account button

3) Click on Create Account.

Image of the required CalCareer Account Registration Information

4) To create an account, you'll have to fill out your contact information. Contact information is important, because the information here is how you will be contacted about exams and job opportunities. While the State is moving more towards email and digital notifications, snail mail is still often used, so make sure your mailing address is up to date.

Image CalCareer Account Registration Information filled out

5) Here is an example of what it'll look like when your contact information is entered. It is pretty easy to change later on if you move. After you've entered all your information correctly (check to make sure there are green check marks in the bottom left corner), click Create Account.

In case you're curious, the address used in this example is for the California State Capitol Museum. It's a cool place to check out if you live in Sacramento or ever come for a visit.

Image of Confirmation popup that CalCareer Account has been created

6) If you've done everything correctly, you should get the above message confirming you created your account successfully.

Account Management button on CalCareers

7) After you've finished setting up your account, we recommend double-checking your contact information. Also in this section is a place to enter your social security number. We recommend doing this, too. Don't worry, the State will take care to protect your personal information.

Image of CalCareers contact information

8) What to do next in your job search? We recommend creating your State Application (STD 678)!

Image of the State Application Section of the CalCareers accout site

Thanks for reading!

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