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8 Awesome Reasons To Get a Job With The State Of California

What is it about government jobs that are so attractive to job-seekers? For some people public service and working for the common good is important. For some it's the stability and work-life balance that comes with State jobs. For others it's the great benefits.

We often ask people looking for State jobs what their reason (or combination of reasons) is for wanting to work for the State. Gaining employment with the State of California can be a lot of work compared to the private sector, and we like to find out why people are investing so much time into it. We also ask co-workers this question, some of whom have spent their entire careers working in California state jobs.

Below you'll find the most common answers we get to this question.

The Best Reasons to Work for The State of California:

1) There Are Jobs Everywhere in the State

You can find jobs working for the State in every county in California. The largest concentration is in Sacramento, but there are thousands of jobs outside of Sacramento, too. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a job near where you live. Do a Geographical Job Search to find jobs near your home. From downtown Los Angeles to rural California State Parks, there are jobs in your area.

2) Retirement Benefits

Whether you're at the beginning or nearing the end of your career, you've probably thought about that glorious day when you get to stop working and do exactly what you feel like doing. With the State of California, you'll start contributing to one of the world's biggest and best pension plans on your first day. Find out more about retirement savings by reading our post What Is CalPERS?

3) Veterans' Preference

If you are a veteran, a job with the State of California might be a great place for you. The State offers a great benefit for current and former service members with its Veterans Preference system on certain exams. It's a great advantage in the State's competitive selection process. The State also offers these benefits for spouses of veterans. Check out more of the benefits the State offers to members and former members of the military here.

Read more about Veterans' Preference here.

4) Paid Time Off

Getting paid for not working is great. The State has some of the best leave benefits you'll find. Sick time, vacation leave and a ton of paid holidays are granted to State employees. Check out the California Job Blog's post Vacation And Paid Time Off for more info.

5) Great Health Insurance

Health care costs are expensive, and they're poised to increase in the coming years. The health benefits you get with a State of California job are incredible. The State picks up the tab for almost all of the monthly premiums, and the co-pays with all the plans are low. Vision insurance is included and there are low and no-cost dental insurance options available. The best part is, your family will be covered, too. Go here for more information.

6) Consistent Wage Increases

When you work for the State, you are all but guaranteed to see a 5% increase in your salary each year. The State calls these raises Merit Salary Adjustments and you should get one on your yearly anniversary date. You have to work hard though, and your supervisor can withhold your MSA if you have performance issues. But if you show up and do your job well, you should see your salary increase every year.

7) Additional Savings Options.

The State offers a couple of savings options in addition to CalPERS. If you want to stash away more for retirement, CalHR partners with Savings Plus and administers 401(k) and 457(b) plans. The deductions can be pre-tax, so you'll be able to reduce your taxable income now, while saving for the future. Additionally, the State offers a college savings account to save for your kid's college education and a medical reimbursement account for your family's health care expense.

8) Student Loan Forgiveness.

If you've got student loans then public service jobs, like those with the State of California, can help you qualify for loan forgiveness. If you work for the state for 10 years and pay your scheduled monthly payments during that time, you can get the remaining amount canceled. It's an overlooked benefit of public service, but it could save you thousands of dollars. Read more about Student Loan Forgiveness here.

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