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Conditions Of Employment

The Conditions of Employment (COE) are the criteria that you, as an applicant, set for each eligibility record you have. An eligibility record is the documentation that you have taken and passed an exam. You must take an exam for each classification you'd like to apply for jobs in and each exam has its own eligibility record. For each eligibility record you have, there are a set of Conditions of Employment that you must manage.

To manage your Conditions of Employment, sign in to your CalCareer Account. From the left side menu, select Exam/Assessment Records, then the Active Eligibility tab.

Here you'll see a list of all the exams you've successfully taken. These are your eligibility records. Again, an Eligibility Record is the is the documentation that you've successfully passed an exam for a given classification. Find the Exam Record you want to manage the COE for and click on the blue List Code in the left-hand column. Click the Conditions of Employment tab. On the left you'll see the 5 conditions you're able to alter: Tenure/Timebase, Locations, Preferences, Experience/Skills & Departments.

Image of the Exam/Assesment Records in CalCareer Account

On the right side of the page you'll see Change Conditions of Employment in a box titled Eligibility Record Actions. Click here. Now you'll be able to move your preferences between 2 boxes. The right box is the Selected side, and the left box is the Non-Selected side. Move a preference from one box to the other with the blue arrows. After you've made your selections or changes, click the Save Conditions button at the bottom of the page. If you don't save the conditions, they won't take effect.

Conditions of Employment include Tenure/Timebase, Locations, Preferences, Experience/Skills and Departments. The conditions you choose must match the specific conditions of a job you are interested in applying for. If you’ve taken an exam, the Conditions of Employment will also dictate the Contact Letters you will receive.

Image of the Conditions of Employment candidates select within their CalCareer account

If, for example, you have taken an exam for Registered Nurse and have selected that you are only interested in Permanent/Full-Time employment, you wouldn’t be eligible to be appointed to Permanent/Part-Time, or Limited-Term/Full-Time positions. Also, you would not receive contact letters for vacant positions with these conditions. You can still apply for positions that don't match your preferences, but you have to update them before you'd be able to be appointed to a position. The hiring department that you are submitting your application to are usually able to help you with this.

You initially select your Conditions of Employment at the time you take an exam. However, they are easy to change in your CalCareer account, and changes take effect almost instantly. Through the Conditions of Employment you select, you can narrow or broaden your job search. If you live in San Diego County and are only interested in working there, you can make that selection when you take an exam or any time after your exam is scored and your eligibility record is established.

For Tenure/Timebase you have the following options: Limited Term FullTime, Limited Term Intermittent, Limited Term Part-Time Permanent Intermittent and Permanent Part-Time.

Most of these are self-explanatory. Fulltime is 40 hours per week, part-time is around 20 hours per week and intermittent is “as needed” work, usually with a number of hours per year specified in the bulletin. If you are hired as an intermittent employee, you'll work out your schedule with your supervisor before you start. Limited-Term positions are either 12 or 24 months. A 12-month limited-term appointment can be extended to 24 months. However, no limited term appointment can be extended beyond 24 months. The job bulletin will indicate how long the appointment is. Limited Term appointments also have the possibility of being converted to Permanent, but there is never any guarantee this will happen.

For Locations you will be able to select the United States, California, Northern California, Southern California, or a specific city or county. You’ll also have the option of selecting a specific State of California prison if that is employment you are interested in. Generally, a broader selection will include all of the specific locations it contains. If you are interested in working in Orange County, you don’t need to select Anaheim as well. Selecting a county will include the cities in the county. Selecting Southern California will include all the counties and cities in Southern California. If you are willing to work anywhere in Northern California, you can select that instead of all the individual counties in that part of the State.

For certain classifications you might be able to select the specific type of work you are willing to do in the Work Type Preferences conditions of employment tab. Some classifications allow for candidates to specific the type of work they are interested in, but it is not available for all classifications. If, for example, you are looking for jobs in the Associate Governmental Program Analyst classification, you would be able to specify job categories like Human Resources, or Accounting. These types of conditions aren't generally used, and when they are, they aren't for people first starting out with the State.

We recommend that candidates new to state service select all of the available options in the Work Type Preferences tab so as not to miss out on an opportunity. Most hiring departments don't use Work Type preferences anyway. The same is true for the Experience/Skills section. They aren't commonly used by hiring departments, so they aren't something that candidates should be concerned with. Again, we recommend that if there are options available for a certain exam/eligibility record, make sure they are selected, just in case. If you were extended an offer to interview for a work type or experience level you were not interested, you could simply decline with no negative repercussions.

The final Condition of Employment option is Departments. Here you can select the departments you are interested in working for. If you are only interested in working for the Department of Social Services, you could make that selection here. If you are interested in all departments except for one specifically, you could move that department to the left (Non-Selected Departments) box.

For state-wide exams, you might not have the option for selecting individual departments, and only State of California will be available. This will open you up to any department, Statewide. If an exam is given by a group of specific departments, you'd be able to narrow down which you are interested in. Like most things in your State of California job search, your Conditions of Employment are best managed in your CalCareer account. A great resource for learning more about this tool is California Job Blog's section on Frequently Asked CalCareer Account Questions.

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