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How To Register For CalCareer Account Notifications

Instructions to Register for CalCareer Notifications:

  1. Start at You must have created and be logged into your CalCareer account to set job notifications.
  2. Click on Advanced Job Search. You can search by any criteria you'd like. You can search by county, or by time base, for example. We'll use a classification search in this example because that's the most common.
  3. Pick the classification you’d like to search by. We'll use Associate Governmental Program Analyst for our example. When you get the search results, you can see there is a box that says Use Exact Phrase Match under the search box. If you click that, it should help cut through the clutter of irrelevant job postings showing up in your search results.
  4. The State's search engine is not very precise. A misspelling (even a letter off) can cause no search results to be returned. If you do spell it right, you're likely to get a lot of extraneous classifications in your search results.
  5. For the most accurate results, from the Advanced Job Search section, find Associate Governmental Program Analyst in the Classification box. This way, you'll get exact search results.
  6. Now, click the Filters button to the right of the search box. Click Save Search. You can refine it more before you click Save Search if you want. For example, you can narrow it down to a specific location, or jobs that are only full-time. It’ll then ask you to name it and indicate how frequently you’d like updates.
  7. You can search without having a CalCareer account or logging in, but to use the Notifications feature, you'll need an account. Check out California Job Blog's post on How to Create A CalCareer Account to get started.
  8. After you've received notification that a position matching what you're looking for has been posted, get started on your State Job Application (STD 678)!

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