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State of California Employee Open Enrollment

2020 Open Enrollment

Summer is here which means fall isn’t far behind. For State of California employees, that means open enrollment is coming up.

2020 open enrollment begins on Monday, September 21 and ends on Friday, October 16. Changes will take effect on the first day of 2021. Since State of California employees pay for health benefits a month in advance, they’ll see the rate changes on their December 2020 pay check.

2021 CalPERS Member Health Benefits

Health plan rates for the following year have been finalized and are posted. You can find 2021 rates here.

To view the 2020 rates for you and your dependents, follow this link. Rates are different if you're living out-of-state. For members living outside of California, follow this link.

During open enrollment, State employees can change their health insurance plan, add or remove dependents, enroll in a plan if they don't currently have coverage or cancel coverage if they no longer need it.

Remember, the amount listed for the health plan premiums is the total amount due each month, not just the employee's share. The exact percentage of your employer's contribution depends on both the department you work for and your bargaining unit.

The exact dollar amount that your employer pays changes each year, but it is usually about 80% of the total premium. Your Human Resources department should be able to give you the exact amount that they pay and how much is your responsibility.

Be sure to read the complete CalPERS 2020 Health Benefits Summary. Not all plans are available in all areas of the State. The benefits summary also outlines how much out-of-pocket expenses members can expect with each plan.

For retirees, rates are different than active members. Follow the link for 2021 Retiree Plans and Rates.

2021 Dental and Vision Benefits

The dates to enroll or change your 2021 dental and vision benefits are the same as for health benefits. The dental and vision insurance plans are administered by CalHR instead of CalPERS, though.

Rates for 2021 dental and vision benefits are coming soon.  We'll have updated links once they are finalized.

Additional Links and Information

  • The State of California Office of the Patient Advocate publishes report cards and scores for health plans and medical groups. Click to review these scores.

  • CalPERS has a very handy benefits calculator available to calculate out-of-pocket costs and compare the overage and costs of various health plans.

  • Your Human Resources office can provide you the best open enrollment information. Always consult with them when making any decisions.

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