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State of California Non-Testing Classifications

What are Non-Testing Classifications

Normally, applicants for a classification must meet 2 requirements before they are able to apply. First, they must meet the minimum qualifications for the classification. The minimum qualifications are the base level of knowledge, experience, skills and ability someone must have to the considered for a position. The second, is they must take and pass an exam. An exam is the way to determine which candidate is the most suited for a position, in a merit-based hiring system.

In State of California employment, there are certain classifications that don't require candidates to complete an exam. Applicants still have to meet the minimum qualifications and complete any pre-employment clearances that might be required by the department. But the hiring process is generally much quicker than it is for classifications requiring an exam.

Non-testing classifications are different than your typical jobs with the State of California. They are all temporary appointments, meaning there are maximums for how long you can be in the classification (12 months) and how many hours you can work each year (1,500). Appointees to non-testing classifications never attain permanent status in California civil service, either.

Below you'll find a list of the State's non-testing classifications followed by information on how to find and apply for open positions.

State of California Jobs That Don't Require an Exam

  1. Agricultural Aide (Seasonal)
  2. Agricultural Technician I & II & III (Seasonal)
  3. Archeological Aid (Seasonal)
  4. Archeological Project Leader (Seasonal)
  5. Archeological Specialist (Seasonal)
  6. Assistant Examination Proctor
  7. Backcountry Trails Camp Supervisor
  8. Clinical Psychology Intern
  9. Environmental Services Intern
  10. Examination Proctor
  11. Exhibit Superintendent II
  12. Expert Examiner
  13. Exposition Assistant II & III
  14. Firefighter I
  15. Fire Lookout (Seasonal)
  16. Fish and Wildlife Scientific Aid
  17. Fish and Wildlife Seasonal Aid
  18. Forestry Aide
  19. Graduate Student Assistant
  20. Guide Trainee Historical Monument
  21. Institution Firefighter (Part Time)
  22. Laborer – Building Trades
  23. Lead Snow Gauger
  24. Lifeguard I & II (Seasonal)
  25. Maintenance Aide (Seasonal)
  26. Maintenance and Service Occupational Trainee
  27. Mechanical and Technical Occupational Trainee
  28. Microbiologist Intern
  29. Park Aide (Seasonal)
  30. Park Interpretive Specialist (Seasonal)
  31. Pool Lifeguard (Seasonal)
  32. Pre-Licensed Pharmacist
  33. Pre-Licensed Psychiatric Technician
  34. Pre-Registered Dietician
  35. Psychiatric Technician Trainee
  36. Scientific Aid
  37. Seasonal Clerk
  38. Self-Help Sponsor (Part Time)
  39. Senior Maintenance Aide (Seasonal)
  40. Senior Park Aide (Seasonal)
  41. Skilled Trades – Apprentice
  42. Skilled Trades Journeyperson
  43. Snow Gauger
  44. State Fair Activity Supervisor
  45. State Fair Police Officer (Seasonal)
  46. State Fair Worker
  47. Student Assistant
  48. Student Assistant – Engineering and Architectural Sciences
  49. Student Engineering Aid
  50. Substitute Academic Teacher (Correctional Facility)
  51. Youth Aid

How to Search for Vacant Positions

The application process in applying for vacancies from non-testing classifications is pretty similar to the State's normal hiring process. The major difference is that you can simply start applying for vacant positions without having to take a test first.

Read our article on the State of California Jobs Search to get started on how to find vacant positions. All State of California jobs are advertised on CalCareers, including those in the above classifications.

Positions in non-testing classifications still have minimum qualifications that applicants must meet. After you've read the job bulletin and ensured you meet the qualifications for the position, you should submit your State Application (STD 678).

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the information! I still have one question that I can't seem to find the answer to: What box do we check under "Please list your basis of eligibility:" for jobs that require no exam for application? I checked "Other (Specify)" and don't know what to write. I'm afraid that my application will get disregarded if I don't do this correctly.

    1. I've been wondering the same thing. I applied for one and said "Non-testing classification" under "Other (Specify)". Hopefully that's okay, but I would love to hear from someone if they know something else we are supposed to write!

  2. What does it mean "Appointees to non-testing classifications never attain permanent status in California civil service either" ? Are we able to be hired again after the 1500 hours are met?

    1. Yes, you'd be able to be hired again. But you'd have to go through the normal hiring process again. That means the department you are working for would have to have an advertised position that you apply for.

  3. What determines having a non-testing position vs a testing position to be used? Can you staff using all non-testing position and the same employees indefinitely?


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