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State of California Student Assistants

State of California Student Assistant Jobs

Student Assistant positions with the State of California are considered a non-testing classification. This means that they are considered outside of the State's civil service. Applicants to these positions must still meet the minimum qualifications and compete against other potential candidates. However, there is no eligibility requirement, so candidates aren't required to take an exam.

Minimum Qualifications

There is one requirement to be qualified for Student Assistant Positions with the State of California. You must be a student! Specifically, you must be a college student. Applicants are required to show proof that they are currently enrolled in a college or university before they can be appointed to a position. Hiring departments will usually ask for a student's most recent transcript to verify that they are currently enrolled in school.

How to Apply

The first step, if you don't have one already, is to create a CalCareer account. Once you have your CalCareer account set up, you can apply easily online. You can still apply without a CalCareer account by mailing in or dropping off a paper version of your application. The job bulletin will give applicants instructions, including the mail-in/drop-off address.

Searching for Student Assistant positions is easy. From the CalCareers website, hit the Advanced Job Search button. From the classification drop-down menu option, select Student Assistant. We've got an entire article titled State of California Jobs Search you can reference for more information on looking for jobs.

Even easier, click the following link and you'll head to an up-to-date listing of all the currently advertised Student Assistant positions!

Like other California State jobs, you apply using the Standard State Application (STD 678). Be sure to complete the section of the application that asks for education experience. The hiring department will check this section first, because it relates directly to the minimum qualifications for the position.

Student Assistant Salary Ranges

The below salaries are current at the time this article was published. The job bulletin will list the official salary for the position.

  • Range A: $2,786 - $3,063 (Lower division students, fewer than 60 completed semester units)
  • Range B: $2,982 - $3,278 (Upper division students, more than 60 completed semester units)
  • Range C: $3,188 - $3,509 (Lower division students with more than 500 hours of State-student work experience)
  • Range D: $3,412 - $3,755 (Upper division students majoring in business, economics or related fields, students with more than 120 units or with 1,000 hours or more State-student work experience)

Additional Information

  • Student Assistant Positions are considered temporary. Student Assistants can only work up to 1,500 hours a year.
  • In the State of California, departments hiring for Student Assistants and internships are legally obligated to give priority to applicants who have lived in foster care or are considered formerly homeless or incarcerated youth.

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